Top 10 Shows On Hulu In 2023

News - 12th Apr 2024

Atlanta (2016)

Atlanta is a fast but enjoyable binge-watch. There have been 21 episodes and two seasons. Seasons three and four will air next year on FX. Atlanta is the brainchild of Donald Glover. It follows Earn (played well by Glover), as he tries to navigate his love, professional and daily life without getting in the way. This is a major challenge for the character. Although the synopsis is accurate, it does not adequately describe the show's surrealistic and humorous nature. Atlanta employs both linear and nonlinear narrative approaches: Some episodes feature conventional storylines while others are stand-alone and almost impossible to describe. Amazingly, all the pieces fit together. Atlanta may seem daunting at first to the uninitiated. But, if viewers are patient and take their time, they might soon come to love it. Atlanta is not only one of the most popular TV series on Hulu; it's also one of the top TV shows, period.

Better Things (2016)

Better Things, which stars Pamela Adlon (a scrappy, tart-tongued actress), has been a long-running FX hit with moderate ratings. Better Things is a story about Sam Fox, a fictional child star who struggles to keep an acting career that can easily disappear. It may not seem like comedy. This is especially true when you consider that Sam is also a single mother to three children and a mother-in-law. We promise it isn't a standard comedy. Although the laughs are not always loudly funny, the knowing smirks and expressions that make viewers smile will be remembered long after the jokes are over. Better Things would be the perfect category for "comedies which make you wince", as Louie, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office. We mean this as a compliment.

Difficult People (2015)

Difficult People is the definition of a cult TV show. It aired for three seasons from 2015 to 2017 as one of Hulu’s original shows. The show was created by Julie Klausner, and co-starred Billy Eichner. It is dark comedy about two struggling comedians that only knows one person: each other. Difficult People was a sharply written show with enticing performances by its two stars. Its run on Hulu ended just as it received most of its critical praise. This is the ideal time to look back at what you might have missed.

Fargo (2014)

FX's Fargo is based on the Coen Brothers film of the exact same name. However, it also has its own universe. People who are familiar with the film will recognize the peculiar characters, frosty terrain and local accents. They also enjoy a pulpy, darkly-humored crime drama. Although the three seasons of Fargo have a common storyline, they can all be viewed as separate stories. Each season is set in a different year (2006 to 1979 and 2010 respectively). While it's easier to get the inside references if you start from the beginning, it's easy enough for anyone to jump right into any season. The fourth season of Fargo filmed in August.

Harlots (2017)

Harlots, which takes place in the 18th Century, is sneakily pro-feminist and features two rival madams (played in part by Samantha Morton or Lesley Manville), who run their own brothels in London. Sneakily pro-feminist is a good description of the show's ability to highlight the limited opportunities that women in Georgian Britain had, even in large cities. These two madams must contend with one another, and they also have to fight against a moralistic movement which leaves them vulnerable to police raids or evangelists begging for the closure of their brothels. Harlots aired for three seasons until the streaming service cancelled the show in 2019.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005)

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was one of the most successful sleeper shows in television history. It first aired in 2005. Rob McElhenny is the co-creator of the show. He recently announced that he will begin writing the fifteenth season. season. The comedy is about five friends who are not-so-well. McElhenny (Charlie Day, Kaitlin Oson, Glenn Howerton and Danny DeVito) live in South Philadelphia and run a bar that's struggling to make ends meet. It's known for its raunchy humor but also its genuine friendship and tenderness. Hulu has all 14 seasons available for streaming. For more information on the entire range of entertainment options Hulu offers, check out our review of pricing and packages.

Justified (2010)

FX's drama about a lawman based on Elmore Leonard's character might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best shows on Hulu. However, anyone who has seen it in its original six-season run between 2010 and 2015 will probably be nodding their heads. Justified stars Timothy Olyphant, as the Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens, and Walton Goggins, as Boyd Crowder. It is rare that a show takes place in Kentucky. This adds an additional layer to the already rich cast of characters and sharp dialogue. Justified was a popular show on FX, and was nominated eight times for prime-time Emmys. Justified wasn't a huge hit, but it remains an intriguing show that is waiting to be discovered by new viewers.

Mrs. America (2020)

To bring Cate Blanchett's great work to television, it takes a special project. FX's 2020 production Mrs. America does just that. The series centers on Phyllis Schafly (an anti-feminist conservative activist who led resistance to the Equal Rights Movement in the 1970s), and is based on her real life. Blanchett plays Schafly as a culture warrior against the noted feminists Shirley Chisholm and Gloria Steinem. This mini-series of nine episodes offers a revealing look at the issues that divided us back then and still divide us today. Mrs. America, which earned 10 Emmy nominations, is the most critically acclaimed limited series of the year.

Ramy (2019)

Hulu's signature show, The Handmaid's Tale, has been Hulu's original drama for many years. Hulu's newest show, Ramy, is being led by Ramy Youssef, an actor and comedian. The show's "slice" of Muslim-American comedy features the title character, who is a first-generation American, born to Egyptian immigrants. His struggle to find his place in the world between the traditional values of his family, and the New Jersey millennials that surround him, forms the core of the show. This series is unlike any other on TV, and it shows this challenge with humor and great depth.

What We Do in Shadows (2019)

FX's "What We Do in Shadows" mockumentary is based on the 2014 film. It follows the lives of three vampires who deal with the "normal” problems that plague night creatures. The series was moved from New Zealand's original location to New York's Staten Island. The film and the series were created by Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords fame, and Taika Watiti, writer-director (who went on the direct Thor: Ragnarok. Clement and Watiti manage the series, writing and directing many episodes. They also retain the same deadpan humor as the original film. Shadows received two Emmy nominations in 2019 for its debut season, but the Television Academy was more impressed with the second season, which earned an impressive eight nominations. FX renewed Shadows for a third season, building on its success and critical acclaim.