Top 10 Animes on Crunchyroll In 2022

News - 8th Mar 2024

Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi is a mystery wrapped in the daily life of a recluse taxi driver, Odokawa. We follow Odokawa fare to fare taking selfies and piecing together local mysteries as it unfolds in the backseat in his Cab. Odd Taxi provides a slice of life that is perfect for a relaxing break from a busy day. It offers controlled entertainment bursts, helping social media influencers get more followers or sharing secrets with Kanazawa, a quiet nurse. Odd Taxi is both playful and darkly complex, and it's well worth the week-long indulgence.

March comes in like a Lion

Rei, 17, lives in a small apartment in an older town after his family was killed in a tragic accident. But, as he begins to reconnect with his three sisters and start to see the positive side to his life, things begin to change. March Comes In Like a Lion captures the essence of adulthood, capturing what few other series do well. This charming and beautifully animated story is filled with elements of loss and grief, as well as hardship.

Cowboy Bebop

The bebop crew is fighting for survival as intergalactic bounty hunter. They have a quiet hunger to keep together, but not enough skill to do the job. Spike, the main character of the series, is a laid-back, cool kung fu master who leads his misfit crew across the galaxy on a trek filled with heartbreaks and tragedy. Cowboy Bebop is one of the surprisingly good English dubs. This is due to its voice actors' performances and western influences. This western bounty hunting series in space features an unforgettable original score composed by Yako Kanno. It also has a multitude of animated action sequences that help cement its reputation as a classic of modern TV.


Hotaro Oreki is not interested in hobbies or people. He doesn't enjoy doing anything that would be considered a waste. He reluctantly joined the school's Classic Literature Club and was enticed by the mystery and romance. The final word on Kyoto Animation's status as one of the most respected animation studios is Hyouka. His stunning cinematography elevates this balanced slice of life to a new level. Hotaro is a genuine human being, and his relationship with Eru Chitanda is a touching one. Hotaro follows this short, well-written and beautifully directed series.

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Mikami Satoru, a working man, is killed by a mysterious criminal just moments before he meets him. Mikami is instantly reborn in a new world that he doesn’t recognize and in a body that he doesn’t recognize. This series is most effective because of its very profound origin story. It gives us a glimpse into the humanity of a man unhappy with his life before it is taken away. This series has a warm heartbeat as Mikami takes on a new identity to fight the new divided world.

Fire Force

A mysterious case of spontaneous combustion has taken the lives of many citizens in an alternate Tokyo. To make matters worse, there is a demon problem in the city that can be awakened from these flames. Shinra joins Fire Force to fight the flames that are sweeping the city. That is, if Shinra can keep his secrets and tragic past from destroying everything. This series is brought to you by Soul Eater's creator. It is a captivating and highly entertaining series that plays with serious subjects while still keeping it grounded. Fire Force, with its excellent animation and character design is an anime that is well balanced. It combines elements from both older and newer generations of storytelling to create a thrilling ride that's worth every second.

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi discovers that his only love, Hinata has been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is now at rock bottom and working as a freelancer in an apartment filled with filth, without any friends or goals. Takemichi is pushed off a platform by a train and his life is in jeopardy. But he wakes up 12 year later and embarks on a new journey to reclaim his past. Tokyo Revengers is an amazing story about being a teenager told through the eyes and experiences of an adult. Takemichi relives his youth with 12 more years of wisdom. Tokyo Revengers is a unique series that features a beautiful character design, smooth animation, and well-rounded characters. There are only two seasons, so it's an enjoyable trip back to the past.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Lives

We welcome you to a small, not-so-ordinary town. Here we follow three students as they navigate their formative years. A robot struggles to maintain her daily life with her creator, who is in dire need of a guardian. Nichijou's My Ordinary Life is a combination of Loony Tunes and Curb Your Enthusiasm. But the brilliance that it contains surpasses all expectations, whether it be a struggle for power in a strange kingdom in the sky or a young boy's funny relationship with his grandfather. This series is a great series because of its comedy, storytelling ability and animation. It has only 2 seasons and it's one of the most rewatchable on Crunchyroll.

My Dress-Up Darling

Wakana Gojo continues his family's legacy as a master craftsman of traditional Japanese Hina dolls. He rarely spends time socializing with children, and he is a true champion in his craft. Marin Kitagawa, the school's most popular girl, takes an interest in Gojo and they bond over a love for cosplay design. It doesn't take long to explain the phenomenon of My Dress-Up Darling. However, it only takes one episode of the series to show what makes this anime so different from any other. The unapologetic love that Gojo has for his family heritage combined with Kitagawa’s unleashed personality, and ability to pull Gojo from his shell make for a timeless romance with some twists in both story and tone. My Dress-Up Darling has a charmingly mature quality that makes it stand out from other anime like it. This is only part of what makes it so enjoyable.

Demon Slayer

It is a solemn morning at Taisho-Era Japan. We are introduced to Tanjiro. He delivers coal in his small town, where everyone knows everyone. Tanjiro returns home the next morning to find his family brutally slaughtered by Demons. One survivor is his half-demon sister, which Tanjiro is determined to cure. Both the series' first and second seasons, along with its feature film, raise the bar for modern anime. They combine bold animation with old-school horror elements and stunning animation. Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba captures all that is needed to make a top-tier anime. But what makes it so special is its unending cinematic quality, which makes it so captivating to watch. Demon Slayer will likely be remembered as one of the greatest anime series in years to come.