Top 10 Shows On Netflix In 2023

News - 21st Jul 2024

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things, which has been a top-rated show on Netflix since its inception, is currently on its fourth season. The second part will be out next month. The show follows a group of pre-teens who are nerdy and adorable as they confront supernatural activity in their small town. It's filled with nostalgia, mystery and horror as well as strong friendships. Season 4 begins six months after Battle of Starcourt. The gang is still dealing with the aftermath.

2. Boo, Bitch

The eight-part Netflix limited series revolves around Erika (Lana Candor), a teenage girl who learns to make the best of her death. She discovers that her death in a car accident just before she graduates high school is the perfect catalyst to help her live a full life.

3. Resident Evil

Netflix will give the survival horror video game a live-action TV revival after many movie and animated spinoffs. As the characters traverse the world of undead, they will be able to shoot, kill, and chainsaw their way through it.

4. The Umbrella Academy

Get excited, Brellies! Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy has just been released. The Emmy-nominated series centers on a family that has adopted siblings who are superheroes. This includes powers such as super strength, mind control and telekinesis. a billionaire who trained them to fight crime. The new season begins after the gang stopped 1963’s doomsday. However, they realize that they have created an alternate reality in this alternate reality where a mysterious new crew known as The Sparrows is in control.

5. God's Favorite Idiot

The workplace comedy series starring Melissa McCarthy centers on Clark (Ben Falcone), who is suddenly able to glow when he is struck by lightning. He is God's messenger and must stop the apocalypse happening. You can binge-watch the first 8 episodes starting June 15.

6. The Circle

Let's not forget about the $100,000 that social media can cause. The Circle is a competition where contestants live in isolation and only have access to their social media accounts. Every contestant is asked to rate each other, with the top vote-getters being "Influencers", and the lowest-ranking contestants being eliminated. The cash prize goes to the most popular contestant. The catch is that contestants can be anyone they wish to be. This means that the sweet "girl-next door" you were flirting with may actually be a middle-aged male. It's not far from reality, considering all the fake identities and catfishing that can be found online.

7. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host Love Is Blind. This reality dating show is unlike any other reality. The gist of the show is that currently married couples are encouraged to meet, go on dates and sleep with potential partners for a "trial marriage". The couple can choose to go back to their partner or to leave the show with a new partner. The bottom line: This is the kind of relationship chaos you'd expect from the Love Is Blind crew.

8. Russian Doll

Season 2 of the beloved time loop series has returned. You're in for a real treat if you haven’t seen the first season. It's déjà vu at its finest. A game developer is trapped in a time loop, where she dies repeatedly and relives the same night. One day, she meets another man experiencing the same thing at a different time and together they attempt to find meaning in their outward lack of existence.

9. Bridgerton

Shondaland's second season of its romantic regency series is back in our hearts. Bridgerton is worth a watch if you haven't yet gotten around to watching it. The series follows London's elite during the early 19th century, as they search for love and marriage (but not always together), political alliances and gossip during the glamorous social season. It's a delightful, escapist mix of Gossip girl and Pride & Prejudice that appeals to all.

10. Ozark

The final half-hour of Ozark's final season is ending with a bang. The series follows a financial-adviser-turned-money-launderer who is forced to pack up his family and move to the Ozarks, where he has to clean a huge sum of money for a dangerous cartel leader. It's dark, gritty and filled with surprisingly likeable characters.