Top 10 Movies on Hulu In 2023

News - 7th May 2024

1: Minding the Gap (2018)

This documentary film, directed by Bing Liu is a compilation over 12 years worth of footage that tells the stories three young men from Rockford, IL. The film explores the complex nature of late-adolescent masculinity. Bing and his friends form a bond through skateboarding and use it to escape their chaotic upbringings. As he navigates his past and inter-personal relationships, Bing weaves a story about forgiveness across generations. The film gives a personal and honest look at their struggles with adult responsibilities, as well as class and racial issues. Zack struggles to reconcile with his girlfriend, while Keire grapples with his father's death and his racial identity.

2: Shoplifters (2018)

To make ends meet, a non-biological family lives in Tokyo and engages in petty crimes. The film follows the family's dealings with Yuri, a little girl they adopt after she is abused by her parents. Each member's past is gradually revealed as the film unfolds. When Shota, the son, is caught shoplifting, their lives unravel. The film explores their bond and fierce loyalty to one another due to the shared circumstances that brought them together.

3: Honeyland (2019)

The documentary film is set in Macedonia and tells the story Hatidze Muratova. She lives in a mountain village where she keeps wild bees. She makes a living selling honey in the capital, and she takes care of her blind mother. When a nomadic family arrives in the village, things change. The father decides to take up wild beekeeping. He fails to follow Hatidze's advice, and his bee colony is decimated. The film's story explores important environmental topics like climate change, biodiversity loss, and subtle elements of consumerism.

4: Parasite (2019)

Currently one of the best movies on Hulu right now, Parasite tells the story of a financially-struggling family who use their street smarts to make ends meet. The movie follows the family's lives as they interact with the Parks', showcasing the issues of class discrimination. After the son gets a tutoring job, the family cleverly integrates itself into the Park household. Their newfound comfort is threatened when they meet an interloper who could endanger their delicate, symbiotic relationship to the Parks.

5: Blackfish (2013)

Hulu's documentaries are a large part of the great movies, and Blackfish (2013) is one of them. This gripping, dark film follows Tilikum, an orca who is kept in captivity and then used for performances. This documentary examines the negative effects of keeping orcas captive for so many years and having them perform. The story focuses on Tilikum's involvement in three deaths and the psychological effects of being kept in captivity that could have contributed to these deaths. This film was widely distributed and had a wide impact on the nation. It helped end many captivity breeding programs and killer whale shows.

6: Abominable (2019)

Dreamworks' animated comedy/adventure is fun for all ages. A young girl named Yi from Shanghai discovers a Yeti on her roof one night. Yi names the Yeti Everest and they must embark on an adventure together to get Everest back to his family. Although this Dreamworks movie follows a familiar story line, the animation and voice acting are outstanding. The movie will be a great time with your children and you'll appreciate the quality of the digital animation.

7: Amazing Grace (2018)

This concert film/documentary hybrid has been more than 40 years in development. It takes audiences on a journey to the performance that made the greatest-selling gospel album ever. The film centers on Aretha Franklin's 1972 performance in an L.A. Baptist Church. The original concert was commissioned by Warner Bros. but it was not released due to technical problems during filming. Amazing Grace is finally realized after a series of failed attempts over the years. Although Franklin was the one who prevented the film from being released in the past her estate allowed viewers to see one of the most memorable gospel performances ever recorded. Franklin's stunning title track takes up more than 10 minutes and is about half way through the film.

8: Heathers (1989)

The story of Veronica Sawyer is the iconic '80s black comedy. She makes up 1/4th of a feared clique at her high school. Heather is Heather's fellow member. They come from wealthy families and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. They regularly orchestrate humiliation for people who don't meet their leader’s standards. Veronica begins to show conscience and becomes tired of Heathers' antics. She misses her "nerdy friends" and is increasingly frustrated by their antics. She is then entangled in the web of manipulations of J.D, a rebellious newcomer. Veronica is forced to take part in J.D’s murder plots, until she finally manages to solve the problem.

9: Hunt for the Wilder People (2016)

This New Zealand drama, written and directed by Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok), tells the story about Ricky, a juvenile criminal who moves from his city home to live in the country home of Bella and Hec, his foster parents. Child welfare says that Ricky cannot be raised by himself after Bella passes away. But the couple have other ideas. Ricky and Hec walk through dangerous New Zealand bush on foot with authorities on their heels. The manhunt becomes more intense and the couple are forced to make tough decisions. Although the movie is rated PG-13 (some adult language is included), it is a delight for both young and old viewers.

10: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

This sixth installment in the Mission Impossible series shows Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, a top-notch secret agent. This action thriller continues right where 2015's Rogue Nation left off. Hunt and his gang have to stop the newly reformed Syndicate (now called the Apostles) from threatening global stability through a three-pronged nuke attack.