Best One Piece Episode Ever

News - 14th Nov 2023

One Piece viewers agree that Episode 957 is better than a movie! The first episode of the 2021 anime season premiered. However, rather than jumping straight into the third act in the Wano Country story arc, the series gave viewers an update on how the rest is doing while Luffy and his friends are in the cut-off country. The Reverie mini-arc, before the events in Wano Country, highlighted some major changes that have occurred since Luffy began fighting Kaido's forces.

There were huge implications for the New World once Luffy, the Straw Hats and their work in Wano Country are finished. But what really caught fans' attention was Megumi Ishitani, episode director. The anime's extraordinary quality surprised many viewers, even though it was an episode of exposition.

The episode did more than just play with lighting techniques. It also changed the composition of the scenes when reintroducing the most important characters and moments from the series. The result was a huge hit with fans. You can see their reactions below.