Top 10 Romances on Hulu In 2022

News - 12th Aug 2023

1. Crush

Paige, a high school student and artist, is forced to join her track team after being framed for creating punny murals on campus. She's on the lookout for the culprit while training for the track team and she takes the chance to pursue the girl that she has been lusting after since elementary school. Things take a twist when she meets someone new and discovers what true love feels like.

2. The Hating Game

This film is for you if you like a good story about enemies and lovers. Lucy is determined to advance in her career, but not compromise her ethics. She and Joshua embark on a brutal game of one-upmanship, which becomes more complicated when she discovers that she is attracted to Joshua.

3. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise

Marcus, a high school senior, is obsessed with sounds. When he discovers that he will be deaf, things take a surprising turn. He creates the Ultimate Playlist of Noise, which is a list of his favourite sounds. He meets Wendy, a charming and struggling musician, during the course of his project. She is looking for a life-changing opportunity in New York.

4. La La Land

Mia, an actress and Sebastian, a jazz musician, are both feeling helpless about their chances of making it big in Los Angeles. They meet and find something amazing in each other. The original musical explores the joys and pains of following your dreams. It won't be the best movie of 2017, but it is a classic love story.

5. Fresh

Although this movie is not your typical romance film, we still think it's worthy of being included on this list. After growing tired of dating apps, Noa meets Steve in a grocery shop. After their first date, she takes a chance and invites Steve to a romantic weekend getaway. She discovers that Steve is more than she initially believed.

6. Premature

Ayanna, a seventeen-year-old poet, begins a summer relationship with Isaiah (a music producer who moved to the city just before she goes to college). This drama that hurts so much shows the joys and pains of falling in love.

7. The Happiest Season

This list would not be complete without a holiday film, as you already know. Abby, who plans to propose at Christmas dinner to Harper, learns that Harper and Abby don't know much about each other. The romantic comedy captures the emotions of wanting to be accepted by your family, being true to yourself and trying to not ruin Christmas. Plus, Kristen Stewart, Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza star in it.

8. My Best Friend's Wedding

Julia Roberts has one thing in common: she's going on to star as a great romantic comedy. My Best Friend's Wedding is no exception. Julianne is Julianne, a successful food critic and her best friend from childhood. She made a deal to marry him if he was still single when he turned 28. Four days before her 28th Birthday, her best friend announced that he was marrying a 20 year-old. She soon realizes that they are in love.

9. Simple A

Olive, a high school student, begins to follow the path of "The Scarlet Letter," a classic novel she is currently reading in school. Olive eventually decides that she will use the rumor mill in her favor until it becomes too much.

10. Only My Luck

Lindsay Lohan movies, let's face it, are some of our favorite. She plays Ashley, one of New York's luckiest women, in this fun, campy rom-com. After they have a kiss at a costume party, her life changes dramatically. Jake is her bad luck magnet and she becomes his luck swap partner. She realizes that this is why her luck was not exchanged for Jake's bad luck. She does everything to get it back.