Top 10 Action Movies On Amazon Prime Video In 2022

News - 14th Apr 2023


Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt are stars like no other in this World War II thriller by the director of Flight and Back to the Future. In this period piece by Locke and Eastern Promises, the pair plays a Canadian intelligence officer and French Resistance fighter. This movie is for adults and it's very sexy. Mel Gibson, who was once shunned by Hollywood for being a trash person, directed this historical epic which has grown in popularity over the years. This period epic, which stars unknown Native American and Indigenous actors in the year 1502, tells the story of Jaguar Paw's journey as his people are captured. It was a huge success at the time and has only grown in popularity through cable broadcasts over the years.


It is hard to believe that the greatest movie spy of all time needed a comeback. But Daniel Craig stepped in and made it one of the most acclaimed James Bond films of all time. Casino Royale was an origin story for the suave superspy. It added new layers to the character and made it feel like it had real stakes. This movie is a masterpiece of modern action, and not only in Bond's universe.

Casino Royale

With their first collaboration in this action film, Sergio Leone, an Italian filmmaker, and Clint Eastwood (a young American actor), would forever alter the Western genre. For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly followed. Eastwood's star-making movie cast the iconic role of "The Man without a Name", a role that forever changed the way Westerns were made.

A Fistfull of Dollars

One of the most loved period action films ever made was the first Best Picture nominee of the new millennium. Russell Crowe's most memorable performance is that of Maximus, a Roman general who witnesses his family being murdered and his life taken away by Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). Maximus is forced into slavery and must become a gladiator to win his ultimate revenge.


In the mid-'90s, the legend of 007 was in pretty bad shape as everyone shrugged at Timothy Dalton's portrayal of James Bond. This film, starring Pierce Brosnan, revived the screen legend in an era that continues to be relevant today. Brosnan's Bond movie that is best features Sean Bean as the character who tries to stop a rogue MI6 agent.


Action! Although this may be the third James Bond movie, it is undoubtedly the best. It's the film that cemented Sean Connery’s iconic portrayal as 007. It is based on the 1959 Ian Fleming novel. Honor Blackman stars as Pussy Galore, and Gert Frobe plays the title character. Gert Frobe is one of Bond's most famous villains.


Only one can exist. Christopher Lambert plays Connor MacLeod. He was born in Scotland in 16th century, and was killed there. However, he later discovered that he is an immortal and is now part of a secret war to ensure only one highlander remains. It's all a bit silly, but the movie was a huge cult hit thanks to Lambert's and Sean Connery’s hilarious performances.


It's a perfect mix of sci-fi action and old-fashioned disaster film. It is now a key turning point in Hollywood blockbuster history. In 1996, it was the highest-grossing film in the world and remains a cultural landmark. Although it hasn't been perfect, it is an important chapter in the history of action movies.

Independence Day

This remake of the action film classic Michael Caine, 1969, was starring Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg. It tells the story of a group of thieves who attempt to steal gold from a former colleague. While this film shares little in common with the original, it does feature the action movie fan's favorite car chase fun. This blockbuster is a thrilling ride with great actors. Sometimes speed is all that's important.