Top 10 Action Movies On Hulu In 2022

News - 14th May 2023

1. Escape Alcatraz

This 1979 action movie is based on a true story of a jailbreak. Clint Eastwood plays a tough convict who is as clever as he can be. Frank Morris has a long history of criminal offenses and multiple escapes. He's looking for a way out as soon as he gets to a high-security jail. The prison's regulations, guards and bars are not the biggest obstacle. Alcatraz is located on an island off San Francisco. Frank and his friends (Paul Benjamin and Jack Thibeau and Fred Ward) must navigate through the freezing waters to free themselves from Alcatraz. Don Siegel adds a gritty edge to this story of hardened men yearning for freedom.

2. Deadpool

Deadpool is the perfect choice for those who want outrageous humor and brazenly R-rated violence. This hilarious 2016 comedy is based on Marvel's mad "merc with no mouth" character. Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, a superhero whose formidable fighting skills are only matched by his wise-cracking wit which hurts egos. Both will be used to vengeance on the evil Ajax (a steely Ed Skrein), and rescue the woman he loves (a smiling Morena Baccarin). This bold and bold romp is directed by Tim Miller and features brutal violence, an energetic soundtrack, raunchy lines, and a sidekick named Negasonic Teenage Warshead (Brianna Hidebrand). This is not all. This superhero movie pays tribute to its irreverent antihero. It also features sexy sex, creative curse terms, chilling horror, and jokes sure to make you blush, gasp, and giggle.

3. Pain & Gain

This is not only a great action movie but it's also the greatest movie Michael Bay has ever made. These are not the end-of-the world circumstances or giant battling robots. Bay was inspired by a bizarre true crime case and found it fascinating. The 2013 dizzying thrill ride centers around a trio muscle-bound meatheads who considered themselves to be cutthroat entrepreneurs. They just had to pull off an extortion and kidnapping plot. However, if you have more brains than brawn, things can quickly turn from terrible to very bloody to completely FUBAR. Anthony Mackie, Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg star as three bodybuilders obsessed with crime. Tony Shalhoub, an apoplectic actor, plays the target. Ed Harris is the detective hot on their trail. Together, they build barking laughs from this stranger-than-fiction story. Bay is a strong critic of American ambition beneath the mayhem, chase scenes and violence.

4. The Hunger Games

Gary Ross directed this 2012 release of The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins' dystopian novels. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen (a poor teen archer whose skills can be used for the hunting game). Her bow and arrow are able to find new targets when she is forced by the Capitol to compete in a battle royale. Katniss is pulled from her humble home and thrust into a glamorous realm of fame, glamour, and excess that leads up to the televised and horrible Games. She'll make friends and enemies along the way, impress judges and audience members with her unflinching spirit, and bring hope to people who have been oppressed for so long by a cruel and cavalier ruling class. Although violence against children is a core concept of this story, the PG-13 rated action adventure skirts blood and blurs blows. This selection is suitable for all members of the family. You can watch all four Hunger Games films online. All the best to you.

5. The Warriors

The 1979 grungy action-thriller film depicted New York City as an enclave of gangsters. There are the Orphans and the Lizzies, as well as the Boppers and the Rogues. After an assassination attempt at a summit in the Bronx they are all vying for the Warriors, a Coney Island crew of smugglers who've been framed. It's a 27-mile race for safety where each corner could be threatening with cops or criminals on patrol. Walter Hill's iconic action film was shot on NYC's streets and subways. It has a sinister authenticity that even Escape from New York Extreme might not be able to match. This makes it all the more exciting, as we feel like the night from hell is just a train ride away.

6. 13 Assassins

Takashi Miike, a Japanese director, had won international acclaim previously for his eye-popping thrillers Ichi The Killer and Audition. The distinctive director made a 2010 period piece that was punchy and reimagined Eiichi Kudo’s 1963 samurai drama. This martial arts masterpiece is set in Japan's feudal period. It centers on a motley group of warriors, including Koji Yakusho and Hiroki Mattsukata. They will do anything to kill Lord Naritsugu (Goro Iagaki). Critics praised the practical effects and verve that Miike brought to his remake, at a time when computer graphics were the norm. 13 Assassins has a moody cinematography on a large scale and an ensemble that puts themselves fully into every fight. It's not just action-packed cinematography.

7. Logan

Hugh Jackman snarled and cut his way through a series of X-Men movies as the Wolverine, an ever-healing but still wounded Wolverine. James Mangold, the writer and director of X-Men movies, dreamed that this ghosted hero might be a little further down the road in 2017. Logan sees Jackman as an older and more beaten-down version the tough-and-tough superhero. He is covered in scars. He's losing his invincibility and is now broke. Logan is called upon to save Dafne Keen (a young girl) from a vicious band of mercenaries. He doesn't know that this child is not a helpless damsel but a warrior of her own. They will fight for a better tomorrow together. Logan, a superhero movie, is rich with R-rated action and heart-breaking stakes. It's a film that has prompted audiences to want more of this genre.

8. The Nice Guys

Shane Black was a pioneer in Hollywood's buddy-cop comedy Lethal Weapon long before he was directing and writing daring action films like Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The 2016 action-comedy film, which stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as mismatched characters who are determined to solve a sinister mystery, is a thrill throwback to his roots. Holland March (Gosling), a 1970s Los Angeles private eye, has more bruises than he can count. Jackson Healy (Crowe), a tough enforcer with a soft spot to help troubled women, is Jackson Healy. They will team up, despite their differences to find a missing girl. They meet up with unexpected turns, violent bursts, bombshells, barrages and outrageous humor along the way.

9. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Star-studded cast includes Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis and Ray Stevenson. Director Jon M. Chu will make the most of every second, and there'll be intrigues, bombings, as well as a slew of battles. The ninjas will battle on the side of an impossiblely steep mountain while also delivering a punch that can withstand bullets. As if that wasn't enough fun, Jonathan Pryce is a hilarious villain who enjoys evil overthrows. Ok, so the Joes are disavowed but still need to save America against a Cobra coup.

10. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

You want something thrilling with fairytale flair? This R-rated movie from 2013 will make you smile. It has action, fantasy, and ghoulish terror. Tommy Wirkola directs Hansel & Gretel, the Dead Snow helmer. Hansel & Gretel is a retelling of the Grimm story about two siblings who are driven by revenge and dedicated to eliminating the evil that makes children hungry. Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner play the role of the brother-sister pair, sporting matching smirks. They can wield firearms and crossbows with devastating accuracy and horrifying results. They'll need to have some magic, sidekicks and killer snares in order to defeat a large coven. Wirkola's action-packed scenes are accompanied by a wealth of creepy witch designs that will make horror fans cringe. Let's forget about historical accuracy and embrace lunacy. We live in a world where witches reign, trolls drool and Hansel & Gretel are vicious ass-kickers.