Top 10 Anime Series Of All Time

News - 29th Dec 2023

10. Re:Zero – Starting Life in another World

Re:Zero begins simple, but soon becomes a series that is based on time loops and character development, as well as unique villains. The adventure is not linear and the time loops aren't always following the planned path once reset. Subaru, the lead character, is thrown into Isekai after meeting Emilia, the heroine. There are a lot of comedy undertones to this story. Subaru, an anime lover, initially tries to predict what will happen in his environment based on his past experience with anime. However, things don't work out as planned.

9. Death Note

Light Yagami, a high-skilled high school student who discovers a notebook that can kill people if their names are put into it, is the focus of the series. Death Note is based upon a manga with the same name that ran from 2003 to 2006. Popularity of the show can be attributed to its horror and mystery themes. Both Japanese and international viewers enjoy it. It is a short story, with less than 40 episodes. This makes it clear and concise without straying too far from the main point, as can happen with longer series.

8. Naruto

Naruto, the anime series, aired between 2002-2007. Naruto: Shippuden aired between 2007 and 2017. This series is based upon the Weekly Shonen Jump manga of Masashi Kishimoto, which was released in 1999. The story revolves around Naruto's journey to becoming a Ninja Master with the help and support of his friends. Chakra energy is the source of the Ninja techniques used during battles. The show explores topics such as strong relationships with family and friends, betrayal, and how to overcome various situations. It is an exciting adventure for all ages. It is simple to watch, especially for beginners, and it is highly regarded by fans as an anime that deserves to be on every top 10 list and even number one. Naruto has probably one of the largest anime fan bases in the genre.

7. Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

Rurouni Kenshin, an anime about a wandering swordsman trying to forget his past. The story takes place during Japan's Meiji period and gives a glimpse into everyday life at that time. He stumbles upon a struggling martial art school and decides to help. Although the series covers many topics, there is an overarching theme of being humble and helping those in need. The series is packed full of great adventures, and the anime style pairs perfectly with it. It's a great story all around. Rurouni Kenshin deserves to be on every person's list of the top 10 most popular anime series.

6. Ghost in the Shell

In the not-too distant future, Major Motoko Kusanagi (or simply Major) and her team of officers from the Public Security Section 9 will be fighting high-level crime in Japan. Ghost in the Shell takes place in 2030. Science and technology have made it possible for humans to become cyborgs, which allows them to aid humanity in its progress. Japanese syndicates, however, have begun to make use of these technologies to their advantage. Ghost in the Shell inspired many other anime, TV series, and movies. This is thanks to Mamoru Oshii's concepts and art style. Although it may not have received the same praise as its anime series, it is still one of the most beloved.

5. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is among the 10 most rated anime series across all rating platforms. It's not the only reason it deserves a place on my list. Its sci-fi themes and time-travel themes are among the best on TV and film. Many fans love the location of Akihabara in Tokyo. University student Rintaro Okabe discovers that time travel is possible. He and his co-workers at Future Gadget Laboratory must work together to stop an evil corporation from fulfilling their plans. You will be entertained by a variety of plot twists, and unexpected moments that keep you hooked episode after episode.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is divided into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Fullmetal Alchemist. Based on a manga series that both shows followed closely from the beginning, the series is also based. However, the manga series ended before the anime, similar to Game of Thrones. Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood is based upon the entire manga. Two brothers attempt to revive their mother through alchemy but it goes horribly wrong and they are left with severe injuries. Edward, the older brother, loses an arm and Alphonse, his younger brother, suffers a complete loss of his body. Alphonse takes on the form of metal armor to save his life. As the results show, it is considered a taboo to revive someone from the dead in alchemy. In an effort to correct their mistakes, they set out to find the Philosopher's stone. This is only the beginning of an exciting adventure for the pair. They are forced to leave their small town and face many challenges as they try to stop an evil group from obtaining the Philosopher's stone.

3. Samurai Champloo

Fuu, a teenager waitress in a teahouse rescues Jin and Mugen, two master swordsmen who were arrested by the Japanese police following a battle that inadvertently killed a local magistrate. Fuu saves the two men by helping her to deal with the son who was harassing Fuu. The two of them are asked to go with her to Japan to search for the Samurai that smells like sunflowers. This is where the real adventure begins. The story takes place in Edo-era Japan. It's amazing that Samurai Champloo tries to accurately portray the period through his characters and not only in their lifestyles but also in the events that took place. It's a light-hearted anime series that is both funny and a little too much. It's easy to watch for those who are new to anime thanks to its humor and art style. Samurai Champloo is only one of three anime series that my fiance has tried to watch. The series' great sword fights are complemented by relatable hip-hop music themes.

2. Darker than Black

Ten years ago, the majority of South America was impacted by a mysterious anomaly called Heaven's Gate. Another one of these mysterious anomalies appeared soon after in Tokyo. It was called Hell's Gate. This altered the sky and caused havoc around the area. The fake stars that were once visible in the sky vanished and were replaced by them. Contractors are people with special abilities who have been linked to each of these fake stars. The various governments have trained these Contractors to be assassins and spies. They must "pay the price" for their abilities. This can be in the form of eating too much, self-harming, or changing their bodies. Their humanity is at risk as they can murder through rationality and objectives, and suppress any human emotions and hindrances that might prevent them from achieving the goals. Darker than Black is my favorite anime series. Although it's highly rated, it doesn't appear on many lists. It is a great show. I recommend at least two series to fully appreciate the meaning and details. Although it is only a few episodes long, it's not difficult to watch, especially for new fans. Despite the lack of humanity of the Contractor, Hei, the main character, is a contradiction. Hei fights against other Contractors via a group called the Syndicate.

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is currently the only series on this list. Based on a manga that was released in 2009, the series' first episode aired in 2013. The show's final season will air in the next month after eight years. The story begins on Paradis Island where the inhabitants built massive walls to defend themselves against attacks by mindless titans. Things quickly turn sour when two titans smash through the walls. This sparks a war that lasts nearly 13 years. After Eren Yeager's death and Mikasa's mother's death, Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager join the Survey Corps to seek revenge against the titans. Although it may seem like a simple fight against titans, there's more to the story than that. Although they initially considered themselves the last human beings, there is much more out there. There is much to learn beyond the scope of the show. Rich lore can be explored beyond the episodes with as many questions. There are bombshells at every turn, and the plot twists are insane. Both the Japanese and English dubs are well done by the voice actors. It is the emotional connection that keeps me coming back for more. It's clear that there is much more to the series after watching it again. Each action has a consequence on history, going back many generations before Eren or Mikasa were involved. With so much lore still to be unpacked, the series is coming to an end soon. Fans can only hope that a prequel series will bring them back.