Top 10 Romances on Amazon Prime Video In 2022

News - 13th Jun 2023


Adam, a high school senior and aspiring chef, is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He decides to enroll at a Catholic school because he wants to keep his illness secret. His outlook is changed when he falls in love with Maya (Taylor Russell), a carefree, outspoken teenager. This film conveys a powerful message. No one's mental illness is what defines them.

2. "AS GOOD AS IT GETS" (1997)

Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), is the neighbor everyone wants to avoid because of his rudeness to all he meets. He wonders if his unhappy ending will come about after he bonds with his neighbor's dog, and develops feelings towards a kind waitress.


The classic Meg Ryan romcom features Annie Reed (Ryan), who is a young reporter that hears the voice a grieving widower. She develops romantic feelings even though she's already married. Although it isn't "When Harry Met Sally", you'll still feel the emotions.

4. 'RUNAWAY BRIDE' (1999)

Okay, the storyline is a bit cheesy but the charm of the cast makes it worth it. Runaway Bride is a story about Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), a notorious "runaway bride" who left many men behind. Things get more complicated when he falls for her...

5. 'SYLVIE'S LOVE' (2020)

Do you want a romantic story that is both escapist and feels good? Let us introduce Sylvie's Love. The film shows how a brief summer romance becomes something more when Robert (NnamdiAsomugha), a musician and Sylvie ("Tessa Thompson"), an ambitious filmmaker, meet up years later to discover that they have never lost their feelings for one another.

6. 'LOVERS ROCK' (2020)

Lover's Rock is part of Steve McQueen's Small Axe movie series. It follows the beginnings and development of a budding love between Martha (Amarah Jae St. Aubyn), and Franklyn Micheal Ward, who first meet at a West London reggae party in the 1980s. Expect to hear catchy songs and lots of dirty dancing.

7. "IT HAD to be YOU" (2000)

When they meet for the first time, a schoolteacher named Anna (Natasha Henstridge), instantly gets along with Charlie (Michael Vartan), who is a charming writer. They happen to be both staying in the same hotel. There's one problem. They're both engaged to another person. Could this mean they are planning to exchange vows?

8. 'JACKIE & RYAN' (2015)

Jackie (Katherine Heigl), who is a musician and recently single mother, struggles to get custody of her child. Ryan (Ben Barnes), an aspiring musician who has dreams of becoming a big star, comes across Jackie and they begin a passionate relationship that will have a significant impact on their lives.

9. 'WAITRESS' (2007)

You wouldn't think Waitress would explore issues such as abusive relationships with its bright and cheerful aesthetic. However, it skillfully balances sensitive topics and humor with a romantic, swoonworthy romance and humor. Keri Russell plays the role of a unhappy waitress who falls in love with a doctor in her community.

10. 'WHAT IF' (2014)

This cute rom-com, also known as The F Word stars Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe as best friends who decide to find out if they are meant to be more.