Top 10 Movies on Netflix In 2023

News - 6th Jul 2024

Although there are many streaming options at our disposal, not all of them live up to our expectations. The Netflix top ten movies list ranks titles according to who is watching them. It includes the most recent releases (such as Persuasion), and it also contains a few classics like Mean Girls.

1. Persuasion

This adaptation of Jane Austen's last novel features a young woman named Anne Elliot (Dakota Johnson), who finds herself in a relationship with a man she rejected eight years ago. She questions her decision and wonders if she was right.

2. The Sea Beast

This movie is suitable for families and tells the story about a sea monster hunter. He is shocked to discover a young stowaway aboard his ship when he embarks on another adventure.


This buddy cop movie is based on the TV series. Two unlikely characters team up to stop corrupt motorcycle cops.

4. Sing 2

Buster Moon and his all-star animal performers are determined to create a memorable stage show. To do this, Buster Moon must convince a rock star that he will be their partner.

5. 12 Strong

The film is set in the aftermath 9/11 and follows Chris Hemsworth, a captain, as he leads his U.S. Special Forces unit into Afghanistan. Problem? They are outnumbered.

6. Girls in the Picture

An investigation is launched when a girl is discovered dead. This sets off a series of events that eventually solves a long-running mystery. The documentary aims to answer the question: "Who is Sharon Marshall?"

7. The Man From Toronto

The movie tells the story of an Airbnb mix-up gone wrong, and follows Teddy (Kevin Hart), who is mistakenly called "Man from Toronto".

8. Barefoot

A series of hilarious incidents ensue when the "black sheep" son from a wealthy family invites a psychiatric patients to be his date at his brother's wedding.

9. Mean Girls

The film follows Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), a young girl who was homeschooled in Africa. Her parents move to the States and she is forced to go to public school for the first-time. Grool.

10. Pan

This 2015 action movie gives a new twist to the story of Peter Pan. It serves as an origin story for Pan's relationship with Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund).